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We provide a trusted platform offering transparent, precise feedback and authentic insights, enabling businesses and professionals to thrive through informed hiring decisions.

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Upholding and sharing the highest standards of company and personal values is our utmost priority.

Validate the candidate

Make as deeper research as you can: social networks, google, etc

Check integrity

Ask the same question from different sides

Comfort zone

Candidat’s “penetration test”. Make the test task stresfull enough.

Team work “ping pong”

How well and exactly which emotions does the candidate reflect?

Compare values

Ask what certain values mean to candidates. Ask them to tell a story from a previous job.


Ask for references from previous jobs. Be aware that almost all employers would give positive references. BlackList allows employers to share the incognito truth about their employees. Be honest, and let others be honest with you.

Employer Feedback

John Malik

Full stack developer

John was working on 3 projects simultaneously, despite having signed a contract with us in which he promised not to work for anyone else. As a result, his performance was so poor that we had to let him go. This decision cost us around $7,340 in hiring and substitution expenses.

Step 01
Sign contract, pay annual membership fee
Deliverables Signed Contract
To be able to check your candidates. You as a business must sign contract with us. After signing contract you must pay annual membership fee. We will send you all the information on how to make your feedback about a candidate or employee GDPR compliant.
Step 02
Send or get information about candidate
Deliverables Request for information or submit feedback.
Fill out the form with a request to check a candidate or submit feedback about your former or current employee
Step 03
Make a fixed payment per candidate.
Deliverables Payment for a single candidate fee
Typically, filling a position costs at least one month's wage of the candidate. A simple calculation includes: $10 for 1 hour with a recruiter, over $15 for 1 hour with a technical specialist, 15-30 minutes for a C-level introduction, and 1-2 weeks for onboarding. The total sum is definitely more than $100. That is why checking one unique candidate costs $45.
Step 04
Get result
Deliverables PDF emails with detailed feedback and explanations
Within 1-3 days, you will receive the results. These will be sent as a PDF file to your email. Should you have any questions or need to clarify details, you will need to submit a new request using the form. Communication is completely asynchronous due to internal security requirements.

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Black List was founded by serial entrepreneurs who have lost a fortune hiring the wrong persons, even those with perfect soft and hard skills. Passing an interview successfully is no longer magical. You will get the key information we have about the candidate you are looking for.
For Recruitment Agencies and Portals
You can incorporate our Black List Confirmation into your pricing plans. The fee per request will depend on how many candidates you check daily.

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